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Use Your uPVC Conservatory All Year Long

Many uPVC conservatory owners would say that of all the rooms in their house, the conservatory is their favourite. But not that many can pride themselves they can use their conservatory all year long. And once you’ve built your conservatory, you can’t do much about it without major changes or alterations.

The conservatory room is unique indeed, simply because it is a bright space with stunning views of your garden. With good planning, some imagination and the amazing atmosphere offered by the glazing structure, you can add a comfortable astonishing room to your home.

So, if you’re considering buying a uPVC conservatory, what can you do so you can take a cup of coffee into your garden room whenever you like? Keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As simple as that. But how?

There are many choices for heating your conservatory, from oil filled radiators – which are cheap to buy but take space and have high running costs – to underfloor heating systems, more effective but with higher installation costs. Underfloor heating is available in electric and water-fed forms. While electric heat mats are cheaper, the hot water systems are more cost effective in time, as gas is the cheapest form of domestic energy. If you chose the hot water method then you need to consider it during the planning of your conservatory, as the pipes have to be laid within the concrete screed floor.

You can also reduce temperature extremes and reduce heating costs by choosing energy efficient glazing With the increasing awareness of global warming and the need to reduce heat loss, new revolutionary types of glazing available now can reduce heat transfer and condensation.

There are certain specifications of glazing, depending on the orientation of your uPVC conservatory. If south or west facing, consider using climate control glazing which is twice as effective as standard double glazed units. These units can easily reflect over 60% of the sun’s heat and reduce uncomfortable glare from the sun by over 50%. They also have the advantage of being neutral in appearance while still reflecting the sun.

And finally, since you’ll be using your new uPVC conservatory throughout the year, put some thought into how you’d like to decorate it. You can pick a colour scheme which reflects the connection to the nature, with wooden furniture and plenty of plants. Or maybe you prefer a Mediterranean-style and use orange, yellow and red coloured fabric sofas, clay ornaments and ceramics. No matter what the style, don’t forget the blinds; they not only complement your conservatory design, but also provide privacy and help furthermore filter the sun’s glare in the summer and conserve heat in the winter.