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Timber Conservatory – The Natural Choice

on 20 December 2012 by Conservatory Quotes Online

Hardwood is one of the most versatile building materials in the world and presents a wide choice of finish, colour and design elements. Regardless of your house’s age and architecture, a timber conservatory will adapt very well to the style of your home, adding that natural finish that makes the passage to the garden so gracefully smooth. For these reasons, a hardwood conservatory is not only a practical solution, but it also adds more character and timeless appeal to your house.

Depending on your budget, your conservatory can allow you and your family to be warm in winter and cool in summer. There are some cost-effective solutions that can make your conservatory a comfortable place to live throughout the year with minimal energy usage.

First of all, hardwood products are thermally efficient materials themselves and they can be designed to retain the heat from the day and release it at night. Then glass roofs, double glazing and a good ventilation system can ensure an extremely high thermal efficiency, which means you can make significant energy savings and enjoy your additional room all year around.

An alternative solution to thermally efficient home extensions is a hardwood orangery. An orangery construction involves less glass and more timber, with a greater stone or brick elevation area. This combination of traditional build and glazing can create a garden room with a truly homely feel. As such, a timber orangery provides privacy and warmth while still allowing plenty of light in.

Timber changes over time, so you must choose the right wood when building your conservatory. Natural durability varies across different hardwood types, with the most durable ones having a life expectancy of more than 100 years. These types are usually very strong and have good fire resistance. Highly durable timbers don’t need preservative treatment, they will weather gracefully to a silver colour, but if you prefer a fresh look, you can always stain them. Alternatively, you can select a less durable timber that can be treated to last as well as the most naturally durable ones.

So, investing in a timber conservatory is about more than just creating an additional space to your home; it’s about providing a cosy room in your house that looks beautiful in a truly natural way.