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Ideas of How to Use Your Conservatory

The addition of a conservatory can transform your lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to create a totally unique environment, no matter how you choose to use it – as an extension to your living space, a family room, a plant room or even as a kitchen.

Living Room Conservatory

Turning your conservatory into a living room is about creating a stylish and comfortable space that can be used all year round. The choice of flooring, furniture, lights, heating and ventilation will have a great impact on the overall feeling of the conservatory and will dictate the level of comfort and style achieved. A living room conservatory allows you to enjoy the views of your garden all year round and offers a pleasant break with the tradition of other conventional rooms in the home.

Kitchen Conservatory

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the favourite room in the home and a conservatory can be the perfect space where cooking, fun and recreation go hand in hand. If your conservatory is joined onto your kitchen, you can build your conservatory and knock the two spaces into one; this creates a versatile use of space for not just cooking but also entertaining. You may need to get your utilities moved and add an extra radiator to your central heating system, which means it’s vital you build a significant amount of cash into your budget.

Conservatory Family Room

A new light and airy room can provide a valuable space for relaxing, dining, play or study. Busy family homes often have some rooms overrun by toys or different devices. If you want to use your conservatory to keep the rest of your home free of clutter, it’s a good idea to plan your storage needs carefully. One option is to use storage boxes topped off with cushions to use as seating as well. If you have young children and a good budget, under floor heating ensures they don’t get cold while they sprawl out on the floors with their toys.

Plant Room

If you’d like to transform your conservatory into a plant room, you’ll need to think of how you want it to look and feel. Keep in mind your conservatory climate when putting together your plant collection. A wide variety of species thrive in conservatory conditions; citrus trees and aromatic climbers will fill the room with a beautiful fragrance while exotic plants like bougainvillea, with their bright coloured bracts adds stunning colours to the room for up to ten months a year.