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Why you should consider a lean to conservatory?

Also known as the Mediterranean conservatory, the lean to conservatory is the ideal option if you’re looking to maximise your living area when you have space restrictions or a smaller garden. Often attached to a bungalow where the low pitch is essential for fitting to the eaves, a lean to conservatory ‘leans’ against an existing solid wall, and so has only two ends and one side. Because of its simplicity, it’s quickest to install and also ideal for a DIY build. But there’s more to it:

  • The cheapest option

If you’re restricted by a small budget, then a lean to conservatory is perhaps the best solution. Because it has such a simple design, a lean to conservatory saves time and labour, which of course, saves money.

To make it even more affordable, you can choose a uPVC conservatory. As well as being good value uPVC is also easy to maintain and energy efficient. You could opt for a white conservatory if you prefer clean look and lines, or create the more contemporary look of a hardwood conservatory with an oak wood grain effect.

  • Better heat retention

Lean to conservatories can maintain a more consistent temperature due to the fact that one side is solid wall which loses less heat than glass. Because the wall belongs to the heated house, it will also help raise the temperature, as heat passes through the wall into the conservatory.

With energy efficient windows, doors and roof glazing, radiators or underfloor heating, you will be able to use your new bright room throughout the entire year and improve your home by maximising your investment.

  • Easy to install services

Using the exterior wall of your house means the structure of a lean to conservatory is close to the electricity, heating and water points.

This can help cutting cost even more because with electricity, heating and water readily available from the house, wiring, plumbing and maintenance costs will be lower.

  • A cosy family room

A lean to conservatory gives you the opportunity to add those special touches to make it feel warm and cosy. The wall can be used for mounting shelves, hanging baskets and other accessories such as radiators and coolers. You can also hang pictures or family photos on the walls and turn your conservatory into a family room in the best sense of the word.

With their vibrant colours, flowers and plants can get you through gloomy winter’s days.Your lean to conservatory gives you the advantage of natural light and humidity that are essential for maintaining plants, so make the most of it. Some colourful climbers and a lemon tree can gives you the wonderful feel that comes over when you are surrounded by daylight, colour, perfume and foliage.