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Advantages of uPVC Conservatories

uPVC is the most popular material for conservatories today. The lowest cost option of all, uPVC is also a high insulate material and benefits from little external maintenance. So, if you are considering adding a versatile extension to your home and increase its resale value, then an uPVC conservatory is an ideal way to do it. It will provide you with a bright and comfortable room to relax, dine or play, that suits your pocket and taste.

uPVC conservatories are are durable and energy efficient

Besides being cheap, another major reason to buy a uPVC conservatory is that they have high durability and insulation properties and usually come with a ten year guarantee. When buying a conservatory it’s important you ensure your conservatory is energy efficient and comfortable during the summer and winter. By adding a thermally efficient roof and double or triple glazing you can enjoy your conservatory all year round and keep the heat costing down. If your conservatory faces south you will also need to consider blinds and adequate ventilation.

Sound proof and added security

Another advantage to uPVC is that it is sound proof, which means you will experience little exterior noise whilst in your conservatory. Noise pollution is often overlooked as a serious problem, yet research shows that exposure to high noise levels can increase blood pressure and stress levels. Double glazed windows will provide with an excellent level of noise reduction which can considerably improve your lifestyle.

uPVC doors and windows are perfect for increasing your home’s security. Plastic provides a tight seal around the windows, making it extremely difficult to be forced from outside. In addition, the window units come equipped with security systems like double-locking handles and hinge-side security devices

Hassle free maintenance

When compared with some types of conservatories, a uPVC conservatory requires very little maintenance because the outside will not rust, warp or corrode like other materials. No sanding, painting and varnishing, just occasional wipe over with water and soap and a spot of oil on the hinges where needed.

Versatile, light and bright design

The versatile bright and light uPVC ensures you’ll find a conservatory design that best fits your home. From classic styles that suit a period property to the more contemporary designs, your uPVC will be tailored in such a way to blend in with your house in a graceful way. Moreover, uPVC conservatories are no longer just white, now you can create a great aesthetic effect with a range of colours and finishes. With mahogany or golden oak for traditional styles or strong contemporary colours like courageous claret red or brilliant blue, you are spoiled for choice.