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Conservatory Glass Roofs

Conservatory Glass Roofs

Usually made of toughened glass...

We all know what glass is. We are surrounded by this material in every part of our homes. The type of glass used in conservatory roofs is generally toughened safety glass, similar to that used in double glazed windows. When you look at a conservatory, you will observe that the roof structure consists of a central ridge, with struts going off it at angles. The glass panels slide in between these to form the roof.

Glass Roof Benefits

Using a glass roof looks good...

We opted for a Victorian conservatory and a polycarbonate roof would not look as good as glass...
T. Parker...Stalybridge

One of the main benefits is that it looks great. Whether you go for a VictorianEdwardian or lean-to style, glass roof panels will help to give your conservatory a traditional look. This may be important depending on the type of conservatory you are erecting and the style of the building it is being attached to.

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Glass Light Benefits

You can enjoy a really bright room...

If you want a really bright room where you can enjoy both winter and summer sun, then glass is probably your best bet. Glass roof panels admit much more light than even clear polycarbonate panels. That’s because the structure of the polycarbonate deflects some of the light.

  • Safe
  • Looks better
  • Insulation

f you live in a noisy area, then glass will help to deaden some of the noise. Unlike polycarbonate, it is great for noise reduction, which will help you to make your conservatory into a peaceful environment. The toughened type used in conservatories is also great for heat insulation. You’ll save a great deal on heating if you choose the right specification.