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Conservatory floor

Conservatory Floors

Think about how highly trafficked the area will be...

If you are intending to use your conservatory as a garden room with plenty of plants dotted around, you’ll need something that is easy to sweep if earth gets split on the floor. You also need to think about how highly trafficked the area will be. If you like the idea of laminate, for example, you are probably better off spending a bit more money to get a high quality laminate that is suitable for areas of heavy foot traffic. Cheaper versions will wear out more quickly and need to be replaced.

Colour Scheme

You want to change your colour scheme completely...

We originally wanted a wooden floor but because of the amount of plants and possible water spillages we went for laminate...Marie Frome...Gloucester

It’s worth bearing in mind that you will probably want to redecorate your conservatory and buy new furnishings for it at some point in the future. For this reason it’s advisable to choose a fairly neutral colour for the flooring – something that can easily blend in with lots of different conservatory furniture options. Opting for brightly coloured floor tiles may look nice now, but if they go out of fashion in a few months’ time and you want to change your colour scheme completely, you will find it very difficult to do so.

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Your Flooring Budget

Get at least three different floor quotes...

It’s all very well wanting luxury real oak floorboards fitted, but if you don’t have the budget to accommodate them you’ll need to choose something else. Work out what your top three choices of flooring would be, and cost each one carefully. Get at least three different quotes for each one, as prices can vary greatly. Don’t forget to include the cost of fitting if you are unable to fit it yourself. Knowing your budget beforehand will make it easier to choose the ideal flooring, and will also avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to getting the final bill.

  • Budget
  • Traffic
  • Neutral

The ideal choice will be influenced by all the areas above, and also by the particular type of flooring you like. Whether it’s cork or stonewood or laminate, your conservatory flooring should suit the needs of the room, as well as being pleasing to look at.