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Ceiling Fans for Conservatories

Conservatory Ceiling Fans

Suitable for most budgets...

Ceiling fans are fitted to the inside of the roof of your conservatory, and often come in a unit which also has lights in it. You will usually see five fan blades extending out from the central unit, and if it does have lights as well these will be operated by way of a separate pull cord, allowing you to use the fan on its own or vice versa if necessary. Ceiling fans actually look rather attractive, and they are available in various price ranges, so they are suitable for most budgets.

Benefits of Conservatory Ceiling Fans

Use at all times of the year...

A ceiling fan was the cheaper option and we had two installed at either end of our conservatory...Carl Baines...Gloucester

Conservatory ceiling fans are better than floor standing fans as they don’t take up any valuable space. You can simply have them fitted and then forget about them. When you need some cooling air, simply reach up and pull the cord to switch them on. Hot air always rises, and the reverse action on a ceiling fan ensures that the hot air trapped near the ceiling of a conservatory is pulled back down into the room itself, where it is needed the most. In this sense a ceiling fan can be of good use at all times of the year, and it can help you save on your heating bills too by redistributing the hot air in this way.

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Disadvantages of Ceiling Fans

Quite noisy if it is going at full speed...

You should always contact a qualified electrician to fit ceiling fans for you, especially if lighting is involved as well, and this will bump up the cost of having them installed. The cost will also increase according to the overall size of your conservatory; if it is quite large you will need more than one ceiling fan to cool the room down effectively when needed. You may also find that depending on the fan you buy, it can get quite noisy if it is going at full speed. If you can, ask to see them working in the showroom before buying them, or see if anyone you know owns any that they could recommend.

  • Low Cost.
  • Use All Year Round.
  • Noise Factor.

Overall though, a ceiling fan is ideal for most sizes of conservatory, and provides an attractive and efficient way of keeping it cool and usable during the summer.