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Conservatory Box Gutters

Conservatory Box Gutters

What is a box gutter?

The name is really simplistic, and describes the product perfectly. It is simply a gutter that is box shaped, instead of being the usual half moon shape. It is attached in a similar way to a standard gutter, by using connecting joints and brackets to fix it into place.

Why Use Box Gutters

It is needed when building your conservatory on to a bungalow...

We were recommended by the conservatory surveyor to use a box gutter as our property would produce too much rain flow...Daniel Beads...Leicester

Some conservatories need a gutter – it is necessary when building your conservatory on to a bungalow, for example. If you didn’t have a rain gutter in this example, you would end up with water pouring on to your conservatory roof from the bungalow every time it rains.

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Box Gutter Benefits

The main purpose is to prevent overflow...

A box gutter will hold far more rainwater than a piece of standard one cut to the same length. This means that during a heavy rainstorm, when the rain is sheeting off your conservatory roof, the gutters won’t start to overflow. Instead they will channel the water away and down the drainpipe – ideally into a water butt if you are trying to conserve water.

  • Easy to install
  • Prevent overflow
  • Hold more water

If they are installed properly you can also use box gutters to get rid of the water from the roof of your home as well, making it a very versatile option if your gutters need replacing anyway.