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Conservatory Construction - Bases

Conservatory Bases

There are several different types of bases...

The conservatory base goes on top of the foundations, to allow the rest of the structure to be built on top. Once again, there are several different types of bases which can be used, including steel and wooden bases. Some conservatory bases can be laid without the need for foundations however; the relatively new Durabase is a typical example of this kind of base.

The Conservatory Base

Provides a flat level surface on which you can build your new conservatory...

The base of a conservatory is as essential as the foundation and provides more security for the structure...Ian McBride...Conservatory Builder

Even though neither the base nor the foundation are visible in the finished project, they are both essential if the conservatory is to remain in place throughout its life. The conservatory base provides a flat level surface on which you can build your new conservatory. Various different materials can be used to create the base, and the one you choose will probably depend on what kind of surface you are building on.

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Types of Bases

Use a professional conservatory company ...

raised base, for example, is a good idea if the garden area on which you are building is sloped. Concrete bases are very popular, while steel bases are similarly tough and long lasting. Unless you are experienced in this scale of building, it’s well worth getting a professional in to advise you on the right kind of foundation or base to use for the conservatory you want to build. Get two or three opinions if you can, as this will enable you to find the right person to get the base laid.

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Once this is done you can get on with building the conservatory itself, safe in the knowledge it has a firm start in life.