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Air Exchange Ventilation for Conservatories

Conservatory Air Exchange Systems

Removes much of the moisture...

As well as swapping stale air for fresh air, an air exchange system also removes much of the moisture from the air – moisture that can make a conservatory feel humid and uncomfortable during the warm and sticky days of summer. The air will also be cleaner, which is said to be advantageous to anyone who suffers from complaints like asthma. If you or anyone in your house smokes, you will certainly notice the difference to the air quality in your conservatory if you install an air exchange system to help in ventilating the room.

Air Exchange System Benefits

Beneficial if you grow lots of plants...

We have a large conservatory so fitting an air exchange system was okay and it helped with the plants...Martine Gluchan...Wiltshire

An air exchange system will also be beneficial if you grow lots of plants in your conservatory. While some plants in particular will help to improve the air quality in the room, the plants themselves will flourish more readily if they are given good clean conditions to grow in. If you have the room and the budget to allow for an air exchange system to be installed, the best advice is to go for it. It will improve the atmosphere remarkably, and make your conservatory a wonderful place to relax in.

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Air Exchange System Disadvantages

You might find it to be a bit unsightly...

The unit itself needs to be installed onto an outside wall, so unless you can position it somewhere it won’t be seen too easily, you might find it to be a bit unsightly. It could also be a hazard for young children to knock into if you don’t take adequate precautions. You also need to bear in mind that as the air exchange system takes the air out of a room, you need to make sure that you can put fresh air back in. This isn’t a problem during the summer, when doors and windows are likely to be open almost constantly.

  • Clean and Fresh Air.
  • Installation Cost.
  • Good For Plants.

During the winter the unit won’t work effectively if you have all the windows and doors closed. For this reason it’s essential that your conservatory has some air bricks included in the construction of the walls. If you have glass panes that go right the way to the floor, then this kind of unit won’t work for you.