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Concrete Floof

Concrete Floors

A concrete floor can be surprisingly attractive...

The first thing you will probably think of at the mention of a concrete floor is that it’s essentially a base on which you lay your real floor. While this is generally true it is possible to have concrete as your finished floor, which provides an unusual and quirky solution to which type of flooring you want to use in your conservatory. Polishing a concrete floor is a messy job that is really only suitable for a professional to undertake, but the end result can be surprisingly attractive given what it looks like before the polishing process begins.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

It's possible to add some colour to the concrete...

It was the cheaper option to opt for a concrete floor, however the finished look after it had been polished was marvellous...C. Holt...Derby

If you decide to have it polished it’s possible to add some colour to the concrete before the polishing takes place, in order to give it a more subtle and attractive look. If you do this make sure the colour is one that you can live with, and that will still look good even if you change your furnishings at a later date. On a purely aesthetic level, although polished concrete is becoming more popular it is still quite unusual to see it in someone’s home – so you’ll be guaranteed to have an eye catching floor that always gets comments from others.

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Concrete Floor Disadvantages

Not suitable for children...

A polished concrete floor will not be suitable if you’re not using the conservatory as a kid’s playroom. It’s also a very modern style of flooring, so you need to bear in mind what kind of furnishings you will be using; if you have a penchant for antique furniture then a concrete floor won’t be the best choice.

  • Not For DIY.
  • Unique Finish.
  • Different Colours.

A polished concrete finish is also not for the do it yourself fanatic to do – it needs to be done by a professional with the right equipment, and that means the cost of installing it will be far higher.