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Concrete Conservatory Base

Concrete Conservatory Bases

A damp proof membrane will be put down and then covered in concrete...

Once the hardcore is laid down over the area that the conservatory will cover, a damp proof membrane will be put down and then covered in concrete. This concrete is then smoothed over and when set it forms the base for your conservatory. The walls, windows, doors and flooring all use this perfectly smooth surface as a base, and the conservatory is then built up from here.

Benefits of a Concrete Base

Popular type of base to use for a conservatory...

I laid the concrete base myself and then paid a conservatory company to come in and finish the work saving me money....John B...Belfast

Concrete bases are perhaps the most popular type of base to use for a conservatory. Provided the ground is in an acceptable condition it is the easiest option to go for. It is also the type of job that can be undertaken by anyone with a reasonable degree of DIY knowledge, meaning that costs can be kept down and there is not necessarily any need for an expert to come in and lay it for you.

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Concrete Base Considerations

Get the mix of concrete just right...

The main disadvantage is in the time it takes for the concrete to set. If you are in a hurry to erect your conservatory you need to take this time into account. It will also vary depending on the time of year and how warm it is. If you are doing it yourself you also need to be very careful that you get the mix of concrete just right, otherwise you could end up with a very expensive mistake. If you are in any doubt it can be better to pay the extra money and get a professional in.

  • Good For DIY.
  • Popular Choice.
  • Good For Under Floor Heating

A good concrete base still relies on having firm foundations to build it on top of. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you know how to build good foundations. or you know someone who does. Whatever type of conservatory you end up with, they all start with having the best foundations possible.