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A Combination Conservatory

Why choose a combination conservatory...

The Combination style conservatory really is suited to you – because it is rarely the same twice. Although it often combines the best elements of the garden room with one of the more traditional designs – such as the Victorian conservatory - the actual combination design will depend on what your own personal requirements are.

What Is A Combination Style?

What is a combination style conservatory...

We decided to have a combination because of the size and shape of the garden...Joan Grainer...Carlisle

Basically a combination is a mixture of traditional styles and further individual designs. For example: A Victorian design will have the garden room attached to one side of it, forming something that looks a little more like the letter P design. It is also possible to mix other designs together, such as the gable end conservatory and a lean to (or larger garden room) on one end.

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Combination Space Requirements

Make sure you have enough space for a combination...

If you want to have a Combination conservatory, you are going to need a big property to attach it to. Some conservatory designs are large anyway, and if you are intending to join two together you will need to have a considerable amount of space to pull it off.

  • Practicality.
  • Dual space.
  • Various finishes

The Combination conservatory offers you a lot in the way of choice and satisfaction, as the act of joining two designs together means you can split the space into two separate areas.