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The Cloister Conservatory

What is a Cloister Conservatory...

Cloisters form an integral part of many cathedrals and monasteries. Rather than being rooms in themselves, they are essentially corridors which provide a means of passage between one place and another. In the same way, a Cloister style conservatory also provides another (often shorter) way of getting from one area of a house or property to another, without having to go outside to do so.

Properties of a Cloister Conservatory

The Cloister can have dual purpose...

Because of the awkward way the house was originally built we though we could not have a normal conservatory however the Cloister style has resolved our property design issues...Mr J. Barnet...Woking

The Cloister conservatory provides a route to get from one room to another, but it also creates another room for you to make use of, provided the ‘corridor style’ is not too narrow. Within this remit the Cloister style can take on many of the features of other conservatory styles – having plain or ornate windows, UPVC or hardwood frames, minimal cresting or the most ornate style possible.

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Benefits of Cloister Conservatories

Linking two outer doors together...

While some people use the Cloister style to wrap around their current property, linking two outer doors together, others use the possibilities more creatively. If they have a separate annex built outside, for example, it is quite possible to build a Cloister conservatory to link the two, making it far easier and more desirable to get from one to the other without having to brave the sometimes inclement weather to do so.

  • Acts as a sun lounge.
  • Dual purpose.
  • Various finishes

The sheer size of a Cloister conservatory does make it one of the more expensive options, but if you can afford it and you have the right kind of property to take such a design, you won’t regret having one built.