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Cheap Conservatories

Compare up to three separate conservatory quotes and get the best deal...

If you’re looking for a cheap conservatory, it’s always a good idea to compare three separate quotes,  so that you can get the best deal and save some cash.

With the Government’s change in law recently allowing you to build or extend your home by eight feet without planning permission, it means that you can add a cheap conservatory to the back or side of your home without having to wait for months for approval. This is fantastic news for homeowners and something that has changed the ideas of moving home to get a slightly larger one. Instead, you can now build a conservatory for a smaller price and have the extra space you’ve always wanted and needed.

The cost of moving home is astronomical as you usually need new carpets, new furniture, curtains and everything else before decorating it to your style. Why go through all of that hard work when you have a nice home now that just needs a little extra space. You can find a cheap conservatory for less than the legal fees for moving home, usually, so it makes perfect sense to stay where you are and extend.

DIY Conservatories

A cheaper option for your new conservatory...

We chose a DIY conservatory because of the cost saving aspect, my husband is an avid DIY expert and managed to put it up without any real trouble...Julie Draycott...Bury

Once you’ve decided on getting a cheap conservatory, there is the big question of do you build it yourself or not? DIY conservatories are made in such a way that they are simple to build and have an easy to follow instruction manual. Bespoke conservatories are more complex and need skilled tradesmen, but a DIY conservatory is created so it’s essentially flat pack. You’ll still need to have some knowledge and skill but the majority of it is fairly straight-forward.

With the Government’s relaxation of the planning permission, your knowledge of conservatory comparison quotes and now the chance to do it yourself it’s no wonder conservatories are cropping up on the side of people’s homes everywhere in the UK. They offer light, air and space to your home. You can use them as a games room, a dining area, a play area for the kids, or a sunroom for the summer. With under-floor heating, hardwood floors and secure doors you can extend your home into the garden and make more use of the space you now have in comfort.

There is a sense of achievement too when you build a conservatory yourself. DIY conservatories are major structures but ones that don’t need you to have a huge amount of experience. You could still have a tradesman help to build it but when it’s done and knowing that you’ve created it there is more of a sense of homeliness to it.

Conservatory Quote Online

uPVC Conservatories

Cheap, strong and secure...

There is a great debate whether to opt for a wooden structure or a uPVC conservatory. With uPVC options you don’t need to varnish the wood and there is no risk of fading, chipping or rot. uPVC conservatories also allow you to have more security as they come with doors with deadbolts and very good locking mechanisms which wooden conservatories don’t necessarily have.

Now that there are so many uPVC conservatories on the market there are many different styles too for you to choose from. You could have a Victorian conservatory made from uPVC or even an Edwardian one. Lean-to conservatories are popular as they help maximise the space you have in your home and help you extend not just your living space but the whole rear or side of your home.

uPVC conservatories are more energy efficient than single-glazing conservatories and are more durable too. You get the security your home needs, extra space for lounging and socialising and you have a high-quality sun room for the warmer months.