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Celotex Insulation for Conservatories

Celotex Insulation

Celotex is extremely user friendly...

Celotex is the more pronounceable name used to describe polyisocyanurate, which is what the product is made from. It is basically an insulation board which is used for insulating your conservatory (and indeed other areas of your house or garage, if needed). Celotex is extremely user friendly. Unlike Jabolite (a similar insulation product) Celotex is made in rigid boards, but they are still easy to cut to the shape you require, making them ideal for people who want to complete much of the conservatory construction themselves.

Benefits of Celotex

Can also be recycled when it is no longer needed...

It was the recyclability and the fire protection aspects that persuaded us to use Celotex for our heat loss prevention...G. Maple...Yorkshire

Celotex boards also have the advantage that they are far more environmentally friendly than a lot of similar products. Some of the materials used in their construction are recycled materials, and the end product can also be recycled when it is no longer needed. Furthermore if you are concerned about the issue of fire safety in your new room, you will be pleased to know that Celotex is almost impossible to set light to, providing you and your conservatory with an added safety benefit.

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Celotex Disadvantages

More expensive than many similar products...

Celotex boards are more expensive than many similar products, which can price them out of the range of some people. However it should be borne in mind that they perform exceptionally well and the heat loss you will experience if you have them is minimal. You can reduce costs somewhat by purchasing thicker boards to install on exposed walls, and thinner ones to use on sheltered walls. For the best benefit it does need to be installed properly though; if you allow even the smallest gaps to occur you won’t get the best benefit from this product.

  • Recyclability.
  • Fire Protection.
  • Easy To Fit

This does result in smaller heating bills during the colder months, which will offset the cost somewhat. You need to consider what is more important to you, and whether you can foot the higher bill initially.