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Breakfast Room Conservatory

Breakfast Room Conservatory

A conservatory is a perfect location to start the day...

If your conservatory is joined onto your kitchen, you could be missing out on a completely different way of using it – as a breakfast room. Most of us think of using a conservatory during the day and perhaps into the evening, but not many people realise their potential as being the perfect location to start the day. You can carry on the theme and decoration of your kitchen into the conservatory, and even build a breakfast bar with stools to use for this purpose.

Conservatory Size Doesn't Matter

A breakfast room can be any size...

We enjoy eating breakfast in the conservatory; it's a great way to start the day although I would suggest installing blinds...Mrs Taller...Shropshire

The great thing about using your conservatory as a breakfast room is that the size of your conservatory doesn’t really matter. Even the smaller size of lean to conservatory can be put to good use, as a small breakfast bar complete with stools doesn’t need to be very big, and the stools can be tucked away safely when not in use. There are some excellent portable options available as well. If you tend to eat your breakfast in your night clothes or robe then privacy will be important. Get some good quality blinds fitted to ensure no one can see into your conservatory in the mornings, and remember to close them fully before you go to bed each night.

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Breakfast Room Tips and Ideas

Provides you with a dedicated and relaxing space...

You could also make the room more appealing and user friendly by installing a small fridge, as well as a coffee machine, kettle and maybe a toaster as well. Depending on what space you have available you may be able to add some small kitchen units to complete the look and make the room more functional. A conservatory breakfast room provides you with a dedicated and relaxing space in which to start the day. You’ll even see the benefits of getting up a little earlier to enjoy your breakfast in a more leisurely manner before getting on with your day.

  • Low Cost.
  • Great Start to the Day.
  • Install Blinds.

It also gives an alternative location for enjoying a quick bite to eat, as opposed to using the dining table. As a way of extending the uses and space of your kitchen, a breakfast room is hard to beat – and it’s also one of the cheapest ways to transform your conservatory into something completely different.