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B Shaped Conservatories

B shape style means lots of space...

A B shaped conservatory is one of the larger styles available, and has two large end sections which typically have shaped walls (hexagonal in style as opposed to a square end). The middle section is set in closer to the house than the ends. In this sense it is similar to the lean to style as it is attached to the rear of the property, and the two sections which help to form the B shape stretch out into the garden. As you stand and look at the rear of the property, the B shaped conservatory will have the appearance of being constructed in three separate portions.

B Shape Hints

The B shape would suit large wide properties...

We chose the B-Shape because it created two areas within one conservatory...Daniel Stevenson...Peebles

If you are thinking of having a B shaped conservatory added to your property, you are really limited by the width of your house. Because of the angles involved in creating each section of the B – plus the insertion of the middle section – you need to have a wide house to be able to take full advantage of this shape. It also helps to have a big garden.

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B Shape Benefits

The Victorian style can be fused with others...

A Victorian conservatory for example might have a pitched roof and a bay or bell ended shape. You can get Victorian style conservatories with different numbers of bay sections – often called splays, so that you can stipulate the number that you want. You should bear in mind however that conservatory professionals will often refer to these as five sided or four sided conservatories depending on the number of splays that you have.