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When it comes to asking for a conservatory quote, it’s important you have done your research to see what type of conservatory will best suit you. Conservatories and sunrooms come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials, so when you make your choice you must consider your budget, your property design, your needs and tastes. For example, uPVC conservatories are cheap and low maintenance, whereas hardwood conservatories are very attractive and ideal for the environmentally conscious. No matter what option you choose, a new conservatory will increase the value of your home by creating extra living space and a wonderful bright room to enjoy with family and friends.

Hardwood Conservatory Quote


We can supply you with an environmentally friendly hardwood conservatory in any of a wide range of styles. Wooden designs offer an attractive and appealing alternative for people looking for a natural material that is energy efficient

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DIY conservatory quote online


If you are skilled at DIY then a ‘supply only’ conservatory is for you. By building it yourself, you could save thousands of pounds, as you will avoid some of the usual costs, such as groundwork, surveying and installation fees.

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UPVC conservatory quote


uPVC remains the No1 material choice in the UK for conservatories and sunrooms. uPVC is low maintenance, weather resistant, and comes in a wide choice of colours and styles. A wood grain effect is available, for example..

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Why use our conservatory quote online service?

Getting an online quote for your conservatory it’s easy, saves you money and gives you greater peace of mind...

Once you’ve decided what type of conservatory you want, go to our ‘Free Online Conservatory Quote’ form and choose a material, style and shape and we will offer you the opportunity to get advice and up to three conservatory quotes from top reputable companies in your area. You will get the right value for money because our network companies know they are in competition with other companies, so they will provide you their best conservatory price. Our online quotation service also guarantees quality of work and professionalism, as our suppliers are either members of a reputable trade body or have provided strong referees. To apply online for a quotation,

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Building and Construction

Conservatories built to last by qualified and experienced builders

When the time comes for your sunroom or conservatory to be erected, a fair degree of building work has to take place. Foundations, dwarf walls and bases need to be constructed, and all are crucial in ensuring your new conservatory or sunroom will stand the rigours of use, weather and time. That’s why all the companies we use have fully qualified and experienced builders and architects who are members of the Federation of Master Builders.



UPVC conservatory quote

How to choose the best conservatory quote

Make sure your conservatory will be comfortable all year round...

Given the size of your investment, which conservatory supplier you choose is the most crucial. When you make your choice, beside keeping the conservatory price within your budget, you need to make sure your new room will be comfortable all year round. Given that the average temperature inside your conservatory varies depend on its position, make sure you ask how different glazing materials and ventilation systems can be used to maintain a comfortable environment throughout the year. Once you have two or three conservatory quotes to compare and have a clear idea of the conservatory construction process and how your new home addition will improve your lifestyle, you can be sure you’ll choose the right price for your conservatory.

Styles, Shapes and Designs

The style of your conservatory depends on the size and the period your home was built in...

The style and shape of your conservatory will depend largely on the shape and size of building you have already, as well as its location, and any local building restrictions. The simplest way to choose the right design for your home is to use a professional company who will find out about local building restrictions on your behalf and offer you. Read more about conservatory styles.

Sylon House Conservatory

A History of Conservatories and Greenhouses

Originating in the nineteenth century

Originating at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the greenhouse style conservatory was originally used for keeping plants and, as the name suggests, conserving them. Orangeries were another example of this, and were built to house citrus trees during the winter. In the summer months, the doors would be opened, and the trees taken outside. The modern day conservatory, synonymous with home improvement, started to appear towards the end of the nineteenth century, and its purpose started to shift away from plants and towards providing a setting for gatherings, drinks and food. Today, conservatories continue to provide this social function, but can also be a refuge from the rest of the house, to read and relax. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s best conservatories such as those at Kew Gardens, Chatsworth House and the Eden Project.

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